How to get on the First Page of Google


How to get on the First Page of Google?

It’s no secret, your here because you want to get your website on the first page of the Google Search Results, like millions of other online entrepreneurs you’ve typed into Google the age old question “How to get on the first page of Google” or similar and its brought you here amongst millions of other posts in the results.

Now in the blog post I’ll be busting some myths and providing you will some free ways to improve your websites search engine ranking. Sound good? Right lets get down to business.

Can someone Guarantee the First Page of Google?

Nobody can guarantee you the first page of google, anyone who says they can should be swiftly avoided, companies are enticing people in with websites that boast “We Guarantee the First Page of Google!” they charge a monthly fee, none of these companies can guarantee the first page of google even if they state they can, Google Ranking is complex and relies on multiple factors, there’s thousands of websites competing for keywords and the first page, the only way to get there is faith and hard work, you can increase your websites ranking by using some of the tips we will provide in this blog post.

Can any website rank well on Google?

Yes any website can rank well on Google, if it meets some of the criteria google requires, its not just about your website “looking good” it needs to be performing how it should be too! Google take various things into consideration when ranking your website, this includes but not limited to.

~ Quality of your website
~ Content Quality on your website
~ Keywords on your website
~ Image Keywords on your website
~ Speed of your website
~ Backlinks to your website
~ Outgoing links from your website

We recommend if these terms sound like a different language you let a professional build your website.

Pstt – We build Websites for UK Businesses

How to rank in Google Search for Keywords?

There’s thousands of websites out there trying to rank for certain keywords, for example our pay monthly website client ranks on the first page of google for the keywords “decorator abergele” there’s many other businesses trying to rank for the same keywords, so what makes them rank higher?

Quality Built Website – As we discussed further up in this post a quality website is key, it needs to target the keywords you want to rank for on Google, as well as have a decent amount of backlinks, quality meta tags and it needs to be kept well maintained and provide engaging content and more.

Google Reviews – Google Reviews help your ranking, if you have reviews on your google my business page this shows your trusted and google then feels its safer to show you in the results, so if your a business with a large amount of reviews like our client you will no doubt rank very highly in the search results with a quality website.

Backlinks – Backlinks are key to increasing your websites page rank, the more websites that mention and link back to you the more Google trusts your website, some backlinks are high quality some or low, not all backlinks are good for your website, research is key. Good backlinks for business in the UK include websites like yell or freeindex.

Determination – Nothing on Google is instant, it can take months or even years to see yourself near the top of the search results, it takes commitment and knowledge in the way google works.



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