How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook Business Page


How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook has become a vital tool for businesses to engage with new customers over the past few years. its become a place you can generate leads, get those much valued reviews and engage with your customer base, but how can you increase your engagement on your Facebook Business page?

Post Videos Directly to your Facebook Page

When you post videos on your Facebook page, the video will automatically start playing as your followers scroll through their feed, its eye catching and before your followers know it they are scrolling back to see what that video was “your video” this is a huge way to increase your Facebook page engagement.

Add Call to Action Buttons to your Posts

Adding call to action buttons to your posts is a great way to increase engagement, Facebook allows you to add a messenger button, WhatsApp button, and more to your posts to encourage your followers to send you a message.



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